Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tainted Ginger's Long Trip From China to U.S. Stores


These are quotes from an article from The Wall Street Journal. It really makes you think.

JUXIAN, China -- In July, two dozen Albertson's grocery stores in California received a shipment of fresh ginger and put it on shelves. Several days later, state inspectors discovered that the ginger, which had been imported from China, contained a dangerous pesticide.

'As Long as It's Cheap'

American companies that buy Chinese-grown produce often demand such low prices that it isn't practical for exporters and importers to run tests, says Clara Shih, president of Best Buy Produce International Inc. The Vernon, Calif., company imports Chinese-grown produce and resells it to other buyers including supermarkets. "People in this country don't really care as long as it's cheap," says Ms. Shih.

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