Friday, November 2, 2007

Daddy's Chili

This is my husbands chili recipe. We have had request for this chili. There are some unique steps. If you are willing to try it his way I think you will enjoy the results. Skipping a step will change the flavor.

1 vidalia onion diced
Cook onion until clear.

1 lb of ground turkey
Brown turkey with the cooked onion

Drain fat.

In a large pot add.
1 can large whole tomatoes.
Squeeze the tomatoes with your hands.

Add 4 cans of dark red kidney beans. Also squeeze the beans as much as possible. Squeezing the beans will make a wonderful sauce and will take out the "gas".

Add your turkey and onions to the tomatoe and beans.

Mix well.

Add 1 package of McCormick mild chili seasoning. Cook on a very low simmer for several hours. Taste and adjust the flavors. At this point we typically will add some chili powder and some red pepper. Allow the chili to sit overnight and reheat and serve the following day for the best flavor.


I have been experimenting with homemade chili spice mix. I have not yet been able to duplicate this flavor. I called McCormick and they said they disclose MSG on any mixes that contain it. Their Mild Chili Seasoning does not say MSG on the pacake. I have not been able to talk to a person at McCormick yet to confirm no MSG.

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