Friday, November 2, 2007

Family Time

Tonight was a special night. We went to a nice restaurant and enjoyed a meal. Upon arriving home we started making food for a get together tomorrow. Everyone was busy cooking and helping. I picked up a movie for daddy. As the night got late and the food was cooking I noticed the changes. The house smelled wonderful. A cozy calm seemed to settle over the family. Daddy started the movie while mommy continued to bake. When I looked into the family room I noticed. Daddy had turned off the lights and there were pillows and blankets everywhere. Daddy had joined the children and was snuggled on the floor with a child. From time to time one of the crew would pop into the kitchen give me a hug and take a taste or sample. Mommy watched the last part of the movie. Now as everyone is being tucked into bed. I hear the happy sounds of laughter and bed time prayers. I am grateful for simple things. I believe that the simple things are in fact the most valuable.

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