Friday, November 30, 2007

Celebrating Traditions

This week my family Celebrated a Family Tradition. As a family we went to our local town square for the turning on of the Christmas Lights. This is a wonderful time in our town and reminds me of why we live here. The town gave away hot chocolate and marshmallows and special Holiday Specs that make every light look like a snow flake. The mayor which I happen to know came and spent some time talking to our family. The sounds of the season were prevalent with a Mass Children's Choir. After a count down the lights were turned on. With the lights on the town square begins to have a magical feel. There is something very special about walking around looking at Christmas light sipping hot chocolate while listening to Holiday music.

I believe families need traditions. This is one our family shares and our children and us as a whole look forward to this each year. There is a good article by L L O Y D D. N E W E L L entitled Traditions a foundation for Strong Families. In the article he list reasons traditions are good for families.

Traditions are a source of strength
Traditions are a source of identity
Traditions are a source of connection between generations
Traditions allow families to examine themselves and their customs
Traditions are a source of faith and meaning

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