Monday, December 10, 2007

Keeping the Holiday's in Perspective

"I want that" This time of year I seem to hear that statement a lot. So to help the family keep the Holiday's in there true perspective we volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house. This is a wonderful organization and outreach. Families are able to live in a somewhat home environment while their children are receiving treatment. Most patients have severe life threatening illness. It was a joy to be able to feed these families and have the children sing Christmas songs. I watched my girls play and laugh with very sick children. For that moment no one was sick they were just children laughing and having fun. I watched as a little boy decided he would eat some macaroni and cheese and then come and ask for some more. What joy it was to see someone enjoy something so simple. I also saw a hurting mother trying to be the martyr. She would not accept the food and appeared to have been crying. I relate to her the most. Mothers through time have been the ones to solve the childrens problems and take away the hurts. The Holidays seemed different after that visit. We were thanked for helping but I had to stop and thank them for allowing us to come. I am a grateful mother.

If anyone is interested I found a wish list on the Ronald McDonald house website

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