Thursday, August 7, 2008

What do you eat?

I am on a diet. I hope that it is actually a life change. So far I have lost 12 lbs. The question asked often is .... What do you eat? The answer is lots of fresh vegetables and some whole grains plus water and more water. Add in an hour of exercise a day and you have my current life.

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OKGardners said...

I just started more veggies and fruits and always drink water. I have diabetes and had lost 14 pounds since the first of the year, then had to have 2 steroid injections into my shoulder for severe bursitis. Little did I know that it would throw my diabetes in a tailspin and blood sugar shot up. Plus, it increased my appetite to unusual amounts. Then I got stung by fire ants and had to have another steroid shot to reduce the severe swelling I was having, so there went the blood sugar again! Plus, they put me on a steroid med-pack for a week....

NOW I am on a better diet once again and trying to continue my weight loss to get in better health and lose more weight. I understand your Journey towards better Health. I'm striving for that as well.

Betty in Oklahoma