Saturday, July 5, 2008

No Pork Anniversary

One year ago after eating several meals of pork (BBQ, ribs, peperoni pizza) I noticed a pattern. Each time that I ate pork I got very ill. Several friends of mine have strong convictions that we should not eat pork because they interpret scriptures and they consider it an unclean food. Based on their convictions and my sick stomach I started a journey. I made a decision to see if I could not eat pork. Being a southern girl that was like saying no more sweet tea. Well I can say that it has been a year of no pork and my stomach wants to say Thank You. I will admit that the hardest craving was pulled pork sandwich's and maybe bacon. With much creativity and help from friends that struggle is gone. Pulled pork has been replaced with pulled chicken slow cooked with a wonderful BBQ sauce and pork bacon was replaced with turkey bacon. Holiday Hams have been replaced with the most delicious organic Turkey thanks to Fresh Market. The journey was not as hard as expected. One of my children joined me on part of the journey and enjoys the changes. The rest of the family occasionally has sliced ham when offered or a slice of peperoni pizza when given the chance. For this southern girl no ham is a health choice not a conviction. I do plan to try another year of No Pork!!!!

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