Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Choreganizer: A fun way to teach your children about chores and how to get them done

Choreganizers: The Visual Way To Organize Household Chores
Price: $20.95 CAD
AUTHOR: Jennifer Steward

The Chorganizer comes with 48 colourful chore cards. Cards are easy to understand for non-readers but not too childish for those who can. Mom assigns chores by simply hanging the appropriate cards on the child's chart. An incentive system helps to keep interest and reinforce good working attitudes.

GRADE(S): K5/K - Grade 8

We have been using this product for a week now. We are off to a great start. The children actually get excited about doing chores and doing them well. The reward for the child is mom money and dad dollars. The children once a week get to spend the money at the chore store. We included in the store this week some fun items from the dollar tree as well as coupons for special time with mommy or daddy. The children have already asked when can they pick out next weeks chores. What a great product.

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